How Does The iPhone 5 Compare To The iPhone 4


How Does The iPhone 5 Compare with The iPhone 4

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It’s the burning concern on the lips of all existing iPhone 4 owners. How much better is the iPhone 5? Exist real and substantial enhancements or (as no doubt some critics will bark) is it just an iPhone 4 with a slightly bigger screen size?

We put it to the test …

iPhone 5 – The Screen Size Is Bigger Than iPhone– It’s rather an impressive modification, considered that Apple have not altered the screen size of their iPhone because the original iPhone burst onto our lives in June 2007. If you held up the iPhone 5 against the iPhone 4, the difference in screen size is immediately noticeable. While the iPhone 4 had a screen size of 3.5 inches, the iPhone 5 has actually upped it to a square 4 inches.

More Surface Area But Less Depth– While the real surface area of iPhone 5 has needed to enhance, due to the bigger screen, it’s much slimmer. This offers it a slick, sleeker look than version 4.

Much Lighter– Potentially one of the most impressive features is that despite the numerous improvements, the iPhone 5 is really a fair bit lighter than v4. iPhone 4 weighed in at a reputable 140g but iPhone 5 is a mere 112g. In fact, the about 20 % reduction in weight makes it the world’s lightest smartphone.

Significantly Faster– The iPhone 5 uses a various processor entirely. The old dual core Apple A5 chip has actually been changed by the A6 and the distinctions are clear when it pertains to performance. The A6 is two times as quick carrying out CPU jobs an has two times the could in processing graphics.

No Actual Change In Storage Options– Maybe remarkably, this is one area within which there have been no genuine improvements on this front. The storage of the Apple iPhone 5 remains in truth similar to the iPhone 4, with the storage options being 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. Much more disappointingly, Apple is still adhering to its position of not offering any expandable memory slots.

The Video camera Has Some Remarkable Brand-new Functions– The electronic camera in the Apple iPhone 4 was by itself a very remarkable one. However, v5 has actually seen enhancements like a hybrid IR filter, a 5 aspect sapphire crystal lens and a quick f/2.4 aperture. It also takes photos 40 % quicker than the iPhone 4 and can deal with low lighting photography much better too.

200 New Includes With Apple iPhones New iOS6 Gives It An Unique Edge Over The iPhone 4– This is potentially the most noteworthy enhancement within the iPhone 5, since the improved os brings lots of software improvements. Siri can deal with more complicated demands, and the brand-new Passbook function can save all your tickets in one place (movie theater tickets, boarding passes etc). That’s to name just a few of the new features readily available on the iPhone 5, it offers heaps more things than the old Apple iPhone 4 too.

Faster & Smoother With Games, Movies & Apps– The lots of advancements means that the iPhone 5 does deliver palpably improved performance over the iPhone 4 whether you’re playing games, browsing the internet or simply flicking through your apps.

Eventually, the iPhone 4 is still an outstanding smartphone today. If you’re wondering whether the upgrade corrects for you, only you’re able to make that judgement. Nevertheless, make no error, the iPhone 5 has actually delivered substantial improvements over its previous effort.

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